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Berkshire Chase offers a unique custom made frame reproduction service that enables our customers to custom design any plastic frame. Any one of the thousands of plastic frame styles currently being shown in today's market can be duplicated or modified.

Berkshire Chase can produce nearly any plastic optical frame on the market. We offer over 500 colors including laminates. Frames can be made from a drawing or picture with specific sizes as needed. These pieces are handmade one at a time using the highest quality Italian plastic sheet stock. Because the frame is individually made from scratch, you are not limited within the scope of your design. You can even design your own plastic frame styles.

Prices of frames are ultimately determined by the complexity of the reproduction.
Deliveries of your handmade custom reproduction will usually be within 6 - 8 weeks from the time you place your order.


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How are they made?

Here is a basic overview of how the factory makes the handmade pieces.

  1. A slab of plastic is chosen from stock by the required color and thickness.
  2. A pattern is made and marked on the plastic slab.
  3. The frame maker cuts the shape out for the frame front using an open plated routing machine.  Care is taken to balance the eye and bridge size.
  4. The frame is smoothed of sharp edges with a file and the lens grooves are made. If any shaping needs to be done the frame is heated up to make it pliable.
  5. The frame then goes into an electric barrel for three stages of polishing. This is done with hard wood pegs, and the process takes 2 days.
  6. The frame front is then hand polished and side joints fixed. The sides, (temples) having been made by the same process, are screwed to the frame front to produce a completed frame.

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